Wednesday 3 September 2014
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Easter Sale Shopping

It doesn’t seem like a usual time to find bargains, but due to this economic climate the mid-season sale is the new January sale! Lots of your favourite stores will be offering a discount or new sale lines over the bank holiday, and with pay-day and extra time to peruse what’s on offer this is a perfect time for you to have a wardrobe haul! In this post I’ll be looking at what to look out for and what to avoid this Easter break to ensure you take home bargains to be proud of.

Easter Sale Shopping

Avoid Re-Hashed Sale Items

These are slightly more difficult to spot, but important to look out for. Often stores will bring back out sale items that they couldn’t sell in the January sales to see if it will fare better in the mid-season. Unless you have a photographic memory you probably won’t be able to remember what has be re-sold, so watch out for these subtle give-aways:

  1. Thick knits and anything particularly ‘on-trend’ in 2012 Winter will definitely be rehashed stock, think velvets, sequins and Christmas prints (seems obvious but believe me I’ve spotted a few in my time).
  2. Stick to ‘timeless’ pieces that even if they have been re-stocked it isn’t going to be that devastating fashion-wise. Things such as tailored blazers, plain t-shirts and sweaters, jeans and lingerie are the things to look out for.
  3. Items with faded or creased tags with a million different prices layered over each other are most definitely items the shop can’t shift, there’s a reason for this so avoid them like the plague.

Look For Quality Over Quantity

Although shops are meant to specify whether an item is faulty, and therefore that is the reason it has a reduced price tag, in the sale rush of getting garments out quality control can often be ignored. Try to keep a steady head when sale shopping, it’s very easy to let the excitement of bargains take over and end up buying a whole bunch of stuff you don’t need or want because “it’s £40 off!” When going through the racks try to keep these simple tips in mind:

  1. Look for holes, tears and marks before settling on an item. These can happen in the sale rush of people picking over the clothes, with the removal of tags or if the item has been returned and then put in for sale stock.
  2. Avoid promising yourself you’ll mend it when you get home. Unless you are a keen sewer who often mends or makes clothes this isn’t going to happen – don’t try and convince yourself otherwise. So many times I’ve told myself “I’ll buy a new set of buttons and sew them on at home”, unfortunately life gets in the way and that item is still languishing in the back of your wardrobe next year…still buttonless.
  3. Question bargains, I’m a firm believer in “If it looks too good to be true then it probably is.” Stores should offer anything between 10%– 60% off but if something was £50 and its down to a fiver then take a step back and ask yourself – why?

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Find out when a sale starts and make sure you get there for then, sure you’re going to face the biggest crowds but you’ll also get a much better choice and first pick of the bargains. When clothes shopping, if you are the most popular sizes getting to a sale early is always worth doing otherwise you’ll be left with tiny or very large sizes to sift through. Here are a few early bird tips:

  1. Most Easter sales start on Saturday, and you’ll still get a great choice then as Good Friday will be when most people will choose to relax at home.
  2. If you are sizes 8-10 or 14-18 make a list of things you’d ideally like to get and look for them first, if you can’t find anything you like use the rest of the time to browse for something that catches your eye
  3. In department stores shoes and handbags are always the most popular items to go first, so unless you particularly need these items try to avoid these departments to save hassle
  4. Home ware is a great thing to pick up in the sales, if you have had a spring clean recently then head to department stores for the best pick

Shop Online

Shopping online has made sale shopping a whole lot easier – why? Because all the above problems can be avoided with a simple click of a button. Most online stores will not only offer a selection of sale items but also a special discount over the Easter weekend as an exclusive promotion. My top tips for shopping online? Look no further…

  1. Sign up to your favourite sites online newsletter to ensure you hear about the sales first, and can browse the items first
  2. Use the filters that most sites have to select your size and the type of items you are looking for – much better than sifting through racks of clothes!
  3. To save getting ‘bargain fever’ and ending up with purchases you don’t want just because they were in the sale, look for online stores that offer a discount on everything rather than just a selection of sale items. For example Jeanography’s premium weekend is offering 10% off all orders until Monday.
  4. Online stores will never sell items that are faulty, even if they are in the sale so if you receive something faulty return it! All good stores will offer free shipping and returns.
  5. Online stores have a much bigger turn-around of stock than high street stores and if last seasons stock isn’t sold it will  ften be sold back to the warehouse rather than put in the sale, looking for new season pieces in the sale couldn’t be easier!

I hope these tips help you with your sale shopping – have a great Easter!

Tara is a blogger from Leeds, UK who currently writes for Jeanography, an online premium jeans retailer


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